Monday, July 6, 2009

Old And Busted: Scouting. New Hotness: Brochures

We can't wait until Rex Grossman and Daniel Cabrera come out with brochures touting the advantages of signing them. Rex Grossman: The Last Sex Cannon You Will Ever Need. He'd probably make it himself using crayons, macaroni, construction paper and lots of backwards R's a la Toys "R" Us.

It may not work for Rextacy but it did work for Michael Owen who somehow convinced Sir Alex Ferguson to sign him for Manchester United. For every Ronaldo, there's a Djemba Djemba. Even the Injury To Be Named Later couldn't believe the brochure worked so well.

Shocking that Owen was able to do the interview in a somewhat vertical position. He probably pulled something when he got surprised at the fact that Ferguson was interested in him. I imagine it's similar to Merrill Hoge giving himself a concussion at the very thought of Vince Young.

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor didn't waste any time following Owen's lead. The crew at Arseblog were lucky enough to get their hands on the Adebayor brochure. Let's just say it puts Owen's to shame. It won't be long before teams such as Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Barcelona are offering Arsene Wenger wads of cash and little boys in exchange for the Togolese striker. How could they not afford to take this chance? Have a taste of Emmanuelessence.

Mr Emmanuel's a tender and considerate lover in addition to being better than Marlon Harwood and Mido. What a bargain!

If women want to bear his children, you know Mr. Emmanuel is strong like an elephant in the bed. He is also the same in front of the goal. He most definitely has the first touch of a pachyderm, most likely a rhinoceros. His work with No More Boom Boom and K.U.N.T. make him that much more appealing to your women and male fans who would sleep with their favorite soccer star while wearing his shirt.

Not Irish and jazzy? Take that, Robbie Keane!

I don't know about you but if I had a soccer team, I'd Adebayoratize it posthaste. I'd probably also Fellainiate it too just to add another fucking awesome hairstyle.

Adebayor Brochure [Arseblog]

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