Monday, July 6, 2009

King Kabuto Is Disrespectful To Sumo

What in the name of Vic Tayback is going on? Honduras loses its mind then Billy Mays and Steve McNair go down. One would think the only species to maintain some honor and dignity among all these terrible events would be the rhinoceros beetle. Alas even these majestic beetles can do less and fall victim to shame and cowardice.

King Kabuto disgraced the National Rhinoceros Beetle Sumo Championship by flying away during his grand final bout with King Joe. Kabuto, owned by 7 year old Takuma Kobayashi, disgraced the sports of sumo by flying away from the fight and eventually the room where the competition was being held. He was disqualified and Joe, owned by 6 year old Shoichiro Ito, was declared the winner.

It is assumed that Kabuto will be stripped of his title and Kobayashi will be offered an honorable death by his own sword. Say what up to Michael, Tupac, Biggie and Tookie when you see them, kid.

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