Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who Knew The San Diego Chicken Is 55 Years Old?

I sure didn't know that, but after 35 years of being the only one who plays the role of the San Diego Chicken, 55 year old Ted Giannoulas is thinking of hanging up the suit.

Pretty impressive doing that for 35 years and you have to admire him for sticking around that long, but, i would stick around that long too if you knew what I know. What I know is that in making around 50 appearances outside of San Diego this summer, Giannoulas will probably rake in "six figures" for his trouble.

Yes, that is at least $100,000. At least $100,000 for being a dancing chicken??? Where the hell did I go wrong in my career choices?? Where the hell did you, the reader, go wrong? Granted it is hot as hell in those suits during the summer, but I would gladly exchange doing that for some soul-sucking desk job.

I think I need to get a fucked up chimpanzee outfit and some PCP and get my real life Chimpanzee Rage going on here.

For all about the Chicken read on here at Amarillo.com

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