Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not Sure If I Understand The Jamison Trade Rumors

So, according to Draft the latest on the Jamison to the Cavs rumor that will never die is this: Antawn Jamison, Mike James and maybe the 5th pick in this years draft to the Cavs for Ben Wallace (retiring) and Sasha Pavlovic (non-guaranteed contract).

So, the Wizards dump one starter (a man that the owner highly respects and just re-signed to a 50 million dollar deal last season), one possible 6th man or starter (the 5th pick in the draft) and a bench player all for salary relief the Wizards don't necessarily want since the owner said he didn't care if he went over the salary cap the next season.

If you don't believe this rumor has no basis in any real fact, check out this awesome post by Mike Prada over at Bullets Forever, "6 Reasons Why The Wizards Aren't Looking To Cut Salary...".

Just a silly rumor to get page hits really, I'm not even sure why I even linked to that crap. Maybe i'll just make up some randomness to get more people to visit the Deuce.

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