Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Sport: Air Sex World Championship

Yea, you've heard of air guitar competitions, now there is one for air sex. The Air Sex Championships to be exact. Instead of just pretending to wank it on a guitar to some lame prog rock band, you can now pretend to just wank it...period. Although you do need a soundtrack. This came to DC last week and apparently it was a hit.

The rules to this contest are simple: You have 2 minutes to do a sex routine in the air, which can include any and all portions of a sexual encounter, done to music and the best one wins. Props, teams and vocalizations are allowed but the organizers want to make sure you know that all climaxes MUST BE SIMULATED and not for reals. You hear that Lil John? You just go ahead and skeet skeet skeet your way outta here!

You want a video of this? Of course you do.

For those of you on the west coast that want to see this madness, you still have some time to check em out.

From AirSexWorldChampionships via Brightest Young Things

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