Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mike Tyson Wanted To Do Some Skullduggery On Brad Pitt

The Deuce took a trip to the movies to see Tyson last night. We'll come right out and say it. One of the best documentary releases this year. Don't forget the Mike Tyson you think you know but be prepared to see a Mike Tyson you don't know. His honesty is riveting and disturbing. The film is sad, insightful and unintentionally hilarious at times. It's a must see for any boxing fan. 

When it came to eating opponents' children or taking their hearts, it was never personal for Tyson. He kept it professional unless you gave the stink finger to one of his exes. If you did, you might have gotten dealt with. Brad Pitt almost found out the hard way. Too bad director James Toback never touched this topic in the film.

Tyson wanted to kill Pitt after he learned that the actor was making nice with his ex-wife Robin Givens. He called Pitt to tell him to back off. That warning was followed by a threat to have him "knocked off" if he didn't comply. Richard Singer, a former friend of Tyson's, also claimed that the former champ hired a hitman but decided he'd rather do it himself. Kill fail. That worked out just as well as his fight against Kevin McBride.

Tyson should have invited Pitt into the ring where he could have channeled his desire to punch through his opponent's head and "end out the back of his head". Hell, he beat Trevor Berbick for the title while in the midst of an untreated case of gonrrhea which he got "from a prostitute or filthy woman". Tyler Durden should consider himself a lucky man and you should see Tyson for more quality lines such as those.

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