Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm Merrill Hoge And I'm Here To Roast ... Beef And Mashed Potatoes

Jeff Fisher is hosting a benefit roast on June 15. Concussion specialists Merrill Hoge and Frank Wycheck are among the expected guests who will roast the Titans head coach. Oh sweet baby, this could turn out great.

Hoge will probably start out roasting Fisher before quickly segueing into ordering a Moons Over My Hammy and "General Toe's" chicken before turning his full attention to Vince Young and ranting about how he could be the worst player in the history of any sport with a ball. Wycheck will fly into roid rage and threaten to body slam everyone in the room before tearing up and admitting that the steroids made him less of a man than Jose Canseco or Chastity Bono. He'll order a #56 with extra MSG. Nom nom nom. Vince Young will just take off his shirt and cry while gnawing chicken wings. An enchanted evening for charity indeed.

Jeff Fisher Will Help Charity [The Tenneessean]

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