Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tony Dungy Doesn't Think Much Of The Gays And Jay Cutler

Everyone knows Tony Dungy's take on gay marriage. The gays aren't qualified for marriage let alone equal rights in his opinion. That's what "the Lord says" and he's "on the Lord's side". He also doesn't think that new Bears quarterback Jay Culter is mature or good enough to justify the amount of hype he's getting in Chicago. 
"[The Bears] took a risk [trading for Cutler]. I think they took a risk specifically with beating the Green Bay Packers in mind," Dungy said Wednesday. "[They] I really think Chicago gave up a lot to get a quarterback who they believe is going to be the final piece of the puzzle. But I am not sure he has won enough to merit that yet."

...Quarterbacking is so much about leadership and so much about doing things under pressure. There is going to be a lot of pressure on him. ... We'll see about his maturity level. That's what I would question. And some of the things that happened leading to him leaving Denver ... that would concern me as a head coach. He can make all of the throws, but quarterbacking is much more than just making throws"
Does this mean the Lord is against Jay Cutler or that he isn't on the Lord's side? What does this mean for Lovie and the Bears this coming season? Who else is on the enemies list? Hines Ward? Tony Romo? That red-headed stepchild on Diff'rent Strokes? Maroon 5? Oh wait, that's my enemies list. Um, forget you just read that.

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