Friday, April 17, 2009

Travis Henry Copped A Plea

Everyone's favorite coke trafficking, baby-daddy has finally had his day in court. Travis Henry plead guilty on Thursday to one count of conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute. Henry said at trial:
"I was involved in an agreement with other people to possess and distribute at least five kilograms of cocaine."

If it weren't official before, it is now, Travis Henry is not a good person. He's had a few chances already in the NFL, if he gets any considerable jail time the 30 year old running back can pretty much kiss his playing days goodbye. Even without jail time, its got to be unlikely that anyone would want to give this guy another chance just because of his age and injury issues alone, not even mentioning that he's a convicted felon.

The real loser in this though, the kids. Somebody think of the kids!

From Denver Post


Anonymous said...

th' kids, or as Michael Jackson would say, "The chillun".
I'd rather give him his freedom in exchange for castration. Why should our hard-earned tax money go for AFDC? And his daughters will grow up to be fatass diabetics on Medicaid? And his sons doing hard time?
What a bozo. What a loser. Why doesn't someone give him a gun in a locked, padded room?

Cash Money Blogger said...

He was once a great Tennessee Vol and a good Tennessee Titan. He's made a lot of money in his lifetime and now it's time to get some help and start to help others.