Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jose Mourinho Gets The Fabio Capello Treatment

The Special One admires a special ass.

Italian television resembles the Italian government except it doesn't front with an air of respectability and high-mindedness. Who are we kidding? The Italian government doesn't bother with those either. Chiambretti Night is just one example of quality television in Italy. The shows may be low-brow but the talent sure ain't. Just ask England manager Fabio Capello who could barely contain himself as the ladies shook their asses in his face.

Inter Milan manager Jose Mourinho admires the women almost as much as he admires a fine wine. He had the honor of sitting in the pleasure chair on the most recent episode of Chiambretti Night. No clue what the show is about but it probably doesn't matter. However we like what they're doing. Apparently the Special One does too. Watch him study the dancers like an opposing team starting at 2:20.

No way Jose lets those foul temptresses seduce him. He treated those dancers like a Sunday afternoon at the strip club. Straight JV. He held out until the varsity squad showed up as seen in the picture above. You can't deny that ass no matter how special you are.

** The Capello video from the linked post was removed. This should work.

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