Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Randy Moss FTW!

Randy Moss Motorsports has gotten its first win. Yes, it is a strange day when we post about NASCAR Truck Racing, but ya know, its Randy Moss' team so cut us a little slack. Mike Skinner was the driver who delivered RMM's first win on the circuit last night despite wretched weather which caused two weather delays and a shortned race.

Skinner (there on the right) has some big dreams for the future of Randy Moss Motorsports after this win:
"We got us one. It's just really, really cool," Skinner said. "We have a lot of effort going on here to build this whole program at Randy Moss Motorsports. We're just going to keep digging and hopefully we can get another one or two of these things before the year is out."

Yes, one or two more wins. Way to reach for the stars Skinner. But really, what do I know about NASCAR? Nothing at all. I do know that this is probably a better investment of Randy's money than say thoroughbred racing or something. I wonder if more players are going to try something like sponsoring a team in the future.

Not like Gilbert sponsoring a video game team, that is just crazy, I can just foresee someone like Albert Hayensworth buing into a NASCAR team with his 100 million dollar contract...just pray they're more better than he is behind the wheel. It could be a new trend! I mean, Joe Gibbs has done pretty well with it, why not some more athletes! Screw that dying industry of horse racing or opening restaurants with your name on it that are doomed to fail, get in on the not as badly dying industry of automobile racing! GIT R DONE!! Or something...

From USA Today

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