Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Is A Weapon

I don't know nuthin' bout no swine flu. All I know is that I got me some swine fever and I'm lovin' it. Bacon up that sausage? Way ahead of you. On the other hand, Manchester United better know and be ready for some swine flu when they take on Arsenal in a Champions League semi-final match later today.

Arsenal travel to Old Trafford this evening to take on English rivals Manchester United. The competition offers the Gunners their last chance to win silverware this season and they're taking no chances. That doesn't mean manager Arsene Wenger is tempting United's youth contingent with a packet of sweets and a cheeky smile. He has a secret weapon in the form of Mexican Carlos Vela who was quarantined due to worries about swine flu.

Vela was recently allowed to rejoin his Arsenal teammates in training after fears of swine flu infection lead to his ban from training. He was visited by several friends from Mexico which lead to fears of swine flu infection. Teabagging Wayne Rooney might be a bit obvious. Don't be surprised to see Vela attempt to spoon Ronaldo and cough in his face during one of his many dives. 

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