Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Does God Hate The Yankees?

The New York Daily News is in a stink over comments President Obama's preacher made over the weekend about the Yankees. Rev. Luis Leon responded to the church drummer being a Yankees fan by calling the Yankees out. 
With the Obamas sitting in the sixth row, Leon told congregants that "baseball season has started" and that the church's drummer is a huge Yankees fan.

Leon then said he wanted to remind everybody that the Orioles have beaten the Yankees twice so far, and therefore, "The world lives in hope."

"I'm a fairly charitable person," the good reverend said, "but I have to tell you - I hate the Yankees."
The Daily News notes that the parishoners laughed but it's not known whether the Obamas did. The paper also commented that Obama can't avoid trouble when it comes to church. It's not clear what trouble he would be in if he did laugh. He owes no loyalty to the Yankees. He's a White Sox fan. He also doesn't want to be on the wrong side when his time comes. It's best to just go with the preacher man and hate the Yankees. It's probably wise to throw the Red Sox in there as well. Better safe than sorry.

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