Friday, April 24, 2009

Open Letter To Washington Redskins Management

Dear Vinny, Danny, Jimmy, et al.

Don't do it. Its not worth it to start over again. Not at the price that will be asked. The amount of draft picks that you will lose this year and next is not worth it. You will be starting over with a new quarterback and no one else to go with him except players that all the other teams in the NFL didn't want.

I dunno about the way you run businesses Danny, but in the NFL the proven way to win is to have a team that fields young talent that can do the job of older guys but for way less money. You draft players, lots of them, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Load up on cheap players, keep the ones that stick and drop the ones that dont and do it again and again year after year. Once you have depth and a base of young talent, you then use free agency to compliment the talent you have cultivated...not the other way around.

What I am trying to say is, cut this crap out and just leave Jason Campbell alone. His numbers from last year were actually quite fine. Sure he had just a few touchdowns, you would as well if your #1 WR was a #2 and your #2 is a #3 and your #3 should be retired, and your #4 and #5 rookies couldn't get on the field. That and having no red zone target to throw to makes it tough to be a quarterback in the NFL. But hey, he also had just a few interceptions and a really high QB accuracy. Sure he made his share of mistakes, but so did the wide-receivers who couldnt run the right routes or get open when they did.

Plus, the line was beat up last year, kid didn't have a chance with the overmatched youngsters getting beat like a dusty old rug. Portis' second half numbers suffered because of the line play as well, its not a coincidence. The injured line was a huge detriment to this offense and for some reason, there's no talk about trading up to grab a RT to replace the ineffective duo of Heyer and Jansen. How does that make any sense?

So, I'm begging you, as a life-long Redskins fan, don't do it. Don't carelessly dump the QB we have, who should finally be comfortable in an offense after playing in it for 2 years straight, for yet another project. Instead, get him some more help so he can succeed. Get him some linemen to block for him. Give him time to throw, time to grow, time to be the quarterback you knew he could be when you traded back into the 1st round to draft him those years ago.

Seriously, I already hate you guys for what you've done to this once great team, don't make it any harder to root for the Redskins.

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