Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Clown Car P***y Night In Grand Prairie

Leave it to the minor leagues to come up with the best promotions. Fans get to mock others and get something free in addition to a cheap sporting event. The Grand Prairie AirHogs are no different and are getting in on the fun with Octomom Night on June 13.

Fans will be entertained by stroller races and diaper derbies in addition to games of chance. They'll also have the chance to win tickets to another game if the AirHogs score eight or more runs. 

The fun doesn't stop with Octomom. The team is also having AIG Bailout Night on June 16. 20 fans will be picked to chase $1000 worth of $1 bills around the field. That should work out well. It sounds like some evil Mr. Burns trick. Watch out for the executive in charge of recreation. Sorry, prank monkey. Monty say Monkey do. What could be better?

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