Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Romario Doesn't Feel Like Chicken Tonight

It's cool if you throw one or two live chickens at Romario. Throw six and it's on like Donkey Kong. A court ordered him to pay $17000 to a fan he attacked six years ago during a training session with Brazilian club Fluminense. To say that he was justified would be an understatement. 

Ricardo Gomes was upset with Fluminense's form and showed up at a training session to provide some constructive criticism using props. He heckled the players and threw six live chickens at Romario. The former Brazil star rushed into the stands and beat Gomes down with the help of the team trainer. 
"You're going to give me a bollocking in my own home? No, you're not are you. If you want to have a go at me go to the Maracana [Rio's largest stadium], but don't do it here, "ranted the player as he and physiotherapist Fernando Lima laid into Gomes.
The manager and other fans joined in until the fight was broken up by the military police. Gomes was still talking shit after the fight. 
"He can't play football but he knows how to fight," the 31-year old Gomes told reporters afterwards. 
There were no other reports of injuries besides the one chicken that gave its life for the cause of better soccer.

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