Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lets Hope Rodman Has Saved Some Cash

Dennis Rodman has been ordered to pay, former Hard Rock Casino employee, 28 year old Sara Ure $225,000 for grabbing, forcing to dance and slappin' that ass in front of her subordinates at the casino in March 2006. Apparently, Rodman didn't think the lawsuit was worth his time and he never showed up in court, allowing U.S. District Court Judge Robert C. Jones to issue a default judgment against Rodman. Whoops, your bad yo.

That is one expensive dance and he didn't even get to go into the champagne room! The horror!! Lets all hope he's got the cash for this, otherwise, we'll be seeing much more of him on tv than we already are on Celebrity Apprentice...oh wait, he got booted already? Hmm...well, he did win the $222,000 grand prize of the 2005 Celebrity Mole and did make countless millions in the NBA as a player so lets hope the guy has some of it left to pay this little thing off. If not, maybe he can make a sequel to Double Team?

Oh dear God no...

From Daily Herald

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