Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why You Don't Want To Room With Charlie Weis

There's no need to go into Peter King's description of his weekend in Nashville. You want a review of that? Go to KSK for Big Daddy's FJM-style breakdown. Unfortunately the stupid didn't stop after he left town. For once, Lendale White may not have been the dumbest guy in Nashville. We have Pennsyltucky to thank for exporting the stupid down to Nashville this week.
Two football coaches from a Pennsylvania college were injured Tuesday morning after they fell four stories at Gaylord Opryland Resort.

Police said the two men, Scott Coy, 29, and Darren DeMeio, 23, were wrestling shirtless in their boxer shorts when they tumbled out a window from a room in the Delta Atrium section around 4:15 a.m.

"These are really substantial, weather-resistant, double-paned plate glass windows. So (it's a) very strange, unusual occurrence for someone to literally come crashing through them and down onto the ground below," said Kim Keelor, Opryland Hotel spokeswoman.
Wrestling? Sure. Whatever you say, guy. I'd like to see how they explained this one away when they landed half naked on the ground covered in sweat and breathing heavily. "You see what had happened was..." Westminister College should be proud.

Coy (who obviously wasn't playing coy) has a fractured pelvis and femur while DeMeio has a broken vertebrae. If these two assclowns could do this much damage, imagine the collateral damage if Charlie Weis or Mark Mangino were involved. Presidential limo glass couldn't contain the Bunker Buster. Bodies everywhere on the sidewalk. Medical response teams from Memphis. Just like another day in Gaza. What? Too soon? I am 'tary.

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they say there are three states in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Alabama...