Friday, January 16, 2009

Dat Dude Took Jerry Jones To The Cleaners

You know all is well with the Cowboys when former players are laughing at the organization for paying them. Former Cowboy Marcellus Wiley mocked owner Jerry Jones for paying him straight cash when he had no business getting it.
Wiley listed a handful of big-name acquisitions [on NFL Live] that were busts for Jerry, including Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, Eddie George ... and himself.

"I didn't have anything left in the tank," Wiley said, "and he gave me a lot of money."

Trey Wingo chimed in with a "Cha-ching!" at this point.
That's how Morningside Heights do! If that wasn't bad enough, Drew Rosenhaus is popping off at the mouth and shitting all over Pacman Jones to build up T.O. before he starts crying. If you guys do that, it's unfair. Nothing to see here. Move along. Just another off-season at Valley Ranch.

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