Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ohio State Loses Big Game, Keeping Trend Alive

What do these bowl games have in common: Florida State 42 - Wisconsin 13, Missouri 30 - Northwestern 23, Kansas 42 - Minnesota 21, Georgia 24 - Michigan State 12, USC 38 - PSU 24, Texas 24 - Ohio State 21? Thats right, they all feature Big 10 football teams losing in them. Just one of the Big Ten's best and brightest has won their bowl game and that comes from the mighty Iowa who trounced a woefully overmatched South Carolina squad, 31-10. Pollsters thought so much of Iowa that they haven't been ranked all season long.

So after a thrilling finish at the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, where the hopes and dreams of all in the Buckeye nation are driven and crushed painfully into the ground yet again, like any good Ohio sports fan's dreams should be, that makes the mighty Big Ten conference 1 for 7 in bowl games. 7 bowl games played and this conference can only muster one win, and that game could have been most Big 10 teams homecoming game the way South Carolina played its last 3 games this year.

As down in the dumps as people say the ACC and Pac-10 are in football these days, even they as conferences put up more of a fight than the pantywaists in the Big 10. Four bowl wins for the ACC and the Pac-10 went a perfect 5 for 5 in their bowl games.

So much for the Big Ten being the midwest powerhouse...more like the midwest pussycats.


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Corey B. said...

The Big 10 schools were deficient in speed and overall athletic ability in many of these games.