Thursday, January 22, 2009

There's Too Much MSG In My Stereotype

The Knicks can't seem to get it right. Every correct decision is followed by two stupid ones. Whether encouraging a culture of sexual harassment under Isiah or unsubstantiated allegations of racism against useless players, the team can't seem to avoid embarassing situations. Add ethnic stereotyping to the mix.

Rookie Danilo Gallinari is not happy with the Knicks for, how do we say, resorting to ethnic stereotypes when he's on the floor.
After each of his four baskets, the Knicks' long-time public address announcer Mike Walczewski, using a thick Italian accent, said "Daneeelo Gal-lin-ar-ay" and then the Italian songs "Volare" or "That's Amore" were played.
Gallinari was not amused. Even head coach Mike D'Antoni gave the scorer's table a WTF look when the music was played. Italian journalists were not pleased either. They're definitely not going to like it when the team has its employees act out scenes from the Godfather and Super Mario Kart.

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