Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Man Spears Groin, Lives To Get Stabby Another Day

Not exactly what you want to have happen while out on a dive but Greg Robertson speared himself with a speargun in Coolum, Australia the other day right in his groin. Not that there is ever a good place for you to spear yourself, but the groin has to be up there in the top five with places you'd rather not shoot yourself with a giant barbed spearhead. Paramedics had a good laugh though:

"A big wave knocked him into the rocks, he lost his spear and the spear rebounded off one of the rocks and got him right near the groin," Casey said.

"The spear's barbed on the end, so it's locked in there. He got up and said 'It's in me, it's in me!

"He's ok now. He's still conscious and talking.

"He'll probably have a laugh about it in a week. We joked about it...we told them to not spear themselves and mistake themselves for a fish and then it actually happened."

"He certainly could have come off a lot worse than he did. Initially he did say that he thought he got washed into another rock, but when the wave drew back he realised, 'Oh dear, there's a big metal thing stuck in my leg'.

"And I asked him if he caught any fish and he didn't. But if you are going to have one bump a year, you may as well get it out of the way of the first day of the year."

Yea, if I have one bump a year i'd prefer it to be me banging my big toe against my coffee table and not having a giant spear shot into my groin, but whatever. Least the guy is ok. Happy new year to you Greg Robertson!

Via The Daily.com.au

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