Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who Deposed Who In The What Now?

Yo, I'll drop the suit, Reggie! The depositions keep callin' me, man!

This Reggie Bush business keeps getting darker and stranger by the day and we're not talking about him being a bust compared to Mario Williams or dating a tranny.

New Era Sports co-founder Lloyd Lake was scheduled to be deposed yesterday in regards to his lawsuit against Reggie Bush alleging non-payment for money and gifts given to Bush starting in high school and continuing through his entire college tenure. If the allegations are proved to be true, Bush could lose his Heisman and USC could lose the wins and national title earned while Bush was on the team.

Bush denies the allegations and claims that Lake shouldn't be believed because he's a convicted felon. If that's the case, why would someone show up unannounced to Lake's deposition with a gun?

Charles Robinson and Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports report that Lake's deposition didn't take place due to the presence of an armed man who came with Bush's attorneys, David Cornwell and Kevin Leichter. The attorneys "refused to reveal why the man was present".

"All Cornwell said was that this guy was working for the law firm of David Cornwell and that he has a CCW (carrying concealed weapon) permit," Watkins [Lake's attorney] said. "The guy sat with his arms folded the whole time, staring at Lloyd. Then he opened up his jacket and you could see that he had a gun on him. I asked (Bush's attorneys) to identify him, and they refused to even tell me his name. Then after going back and forth about it, they told me his name, but wouldn't tell me who he was working for or why he was there. I wanted a business card or something that explained who this guy was."

Watkins said the man followed Lake in "an intimidating manner" almost immediately after Lake arrived for the deposition ... After following Lake, the man sat down in the area where the deposition was to take place. Watkins said the man didn't identify himself, and instead stared at Lake before eventually opening his jacket to reveal a handgun. At that point, Watkins said he asked that the man leave.

Watkins said he halted the proceedings when the armed man moved "only eight to 10 feet away" from where the deposition was set to take place

Robinson and Cole also report that Cornwell, who is also employed as an ESPN analyst, told ESPN said he was advised to take precautions in Lake's presence.

We're just going to assume that Reggie's innocent so he decided to "persuade" Lake that this is a frivolous lawsuit by proxy. He'd be better off trying to steal the tapes of conversations between Lake and Bush's father. The tapes played on Real Sports have Bush's father promising that Reggie will pay Lake back on several occasions. Anyway, Bush has top notch representation and they wouldn't allow him to put himself in a compromising situation as seen below in an excerpt from an ESPN chat on Ookie's fate.

SportsNation David Cornwell: That is a great point, Adam. Hopefully other young men, whether they play sports or not, will learn from Michael's experience that bad choices inevitably lead to bad consequences. Michael had incredible opportunities because of his athletic ability and rather than embrace the opportunity he embraced risky behavior that not only cost him the opportunities but also cost him his freedom.

Charlie Casserly's looking smarter by the day.

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