Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lindsay Czarniak Is Big Time...Sorta

See that picture right there? Thats Lindsay Czarniak's caricature drawn up on the wall of the Palm restaurant in Washington DC. For those of you who don't know, that officially means you've "made it" here in town. I didn't know that Lindsay had "made it", but apparently she has because she is now on a wall full of DC power players, including Mr. Tony Kornheiser.

Unfortunately for Lindsay...they spelled her name wrong. This picture of the wall was snapped last year for the Washingtonian Magazine so hopefully, the good people of the Palm Restaurant have corrected this egregious error for our new favorite sports personality in town. Also of note...look close and you will see that the artist gave her a pearl necklace. Shame on you Palm, shame on you.

If it wasn't so damned expensive, we'd go in there tomorrow and check for ourselves to see if any of this is still there, but we're broke, so someone is going to have to pop in there and let us know if its still the same.

All those who don't live in DC do not get to see the lovely and talented Lindsay Czarniak on your television every night and that is a shame...but that also means that this little DC tidbit might mean absolutely nothing to you. So instead, here's a real picture of Lindsay for you to drool over you pervy bastards.
Ms Czarniak, we salute you and, at the very least, we hope you get your name changed on that wall.


Mac G said...

Id hit it but it would have to be mind blowing to buy her dinner at The Palm.

JC said...

Ayo, Sal!

When you gonna get some black people up on the wall??!!

droracle said...

Jim Vance is the Godfather of Funktastic News! TRUE TRUE