Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Proof That Spain and Real Madrid Hate Your Freedom

1. The Spanish Football Federation have fined Samuel Eto'o for singing anti-Real Madrid songs yet they continue to let their national manager Luis Aragones be a racist as well as tolerate the racist abuse of players by football fans including the Ultras of Real Madrid.

2. Speaking of Real, the Ultra Surs are some of the worst racists in football. They not only slander African players but they also come down on South Americans as well. All you American supporters should take a look at what Abu Muqawama found in Iraq.

That's a militia member currently fighting with the Americans. He's wearing a Barca hat.

Abu Muqawama also picked up on the fact that the Iraqi kids being trained by al-Qaeda were wearing black Real Madrid away shirts.

That's enough for us. Spain and Real Madrid are against you. Think about that the next time you cheer a Arjen Robben dive.


Anonymous said...

Eto must be insane to stay.

Anonymous said...

Oh you're so full of shit!