Monday, February 25, 2008

Sometimes The Dumbest Bets Are the Best

In the UK a man wagered 1 dollar and won 2 million dollars. You have to love this story. This guy, who at present wishes to remain unknown, wagered the correct winner of 8 different races on the Friday horse races, he bet 1 dollar to win 2 million and hit the biggest parlay I've ever heard of. The first horse that won was named "Isn't That Lucky" and the last was "A Dream Come True". The best thing is, he didn't even know he won the next day because he was back at it on Saturday making more crazy parlays...where he didn't win a single won, losing $5.

I gotta start hitting the track more and trying this. Sure the odds are against you, but they have to be better than Powerball or Keno. Perhaps i'll try this when I go to Vegas in April. Ohhh yea.

From Yahoo Sports

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