Monday, February 25, 2008

The English Love Their Kids

Not only will they sign 5 year old soccer players but now they have a 13 year old boy who will represent them in the 2008 Olympic Games. Tom Daley is going to be competing in the 10m Dive event for England, becoming the youngest kid ever to participate in the games for the country.

There has got to be some sorta built in advantage to being that young and doing a dive competition. I mean, he's like way lighter than all the other competitors, he'll be floating up there for ever doing his spins and tucks in mid air. His splash will have to be next to nothing going into the water since the kid looks like he weighs around 50lbs.

The Brits have the right idea, we Americans need to train a new legion of 8 year olds to compete in the Olympics against this kid. Its the only way we'll stay a national power.

From BBC Sport

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