Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Only Way To Make Billiards Somewhat Exciting on TV

You've got to hand it to the Aussies, they have managed to make billiards at least somewhat bearable on television. They have this game called Savage Speedball, where it's one guy shooting all the balls into the pocket as quick as possible (yellow balls first, then the red one, then the white one) and hopefully getting it done faster than his other opponent and, in some events, in a lesser distance running around the table. It is pretty much, what we would call in the states, EXTREME Billiards.

On their TV broadcasts, they even have heart rate monitors hooked up to the players, keeping track of their stress levels, because hitting balls into holes and running around a bumperless bumper-pool table gets the heart rate up pretty high for these loafs and they don't want anyone keeling over from the excitement. Now, I think they should be going simultaneously, but apparently they think this would be WAY too much action at once. Here's another Savage Speedball site with a nifty theme song that will blow you away.

Watch the scintillating action for yourself:

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The Atheist said...

Come on....billiards is too exciting at the moment, anyway.