Tuesday, February 19, 2008

They Get Younger And I Stay The Same Age

Don't be surprised when European soccer teams start getting nailed for cruising public soccer fields in ice cream trucks looking for kids. "Hi, want some candy?" This is getting ridiculous.

Chelsea recently recruited 5-year old Archie Oates from Belmont Youth FC. This beats out Manchester United's signing of 9-year old Rhian Davis.

I'd put money on Archie. Rhian can't even spell Ryan. Then again lack of intelligence never stopped Rio Ferdinand or Cashley Cole.


Jeff V said...

I'm not a soccer expert but can you clarify this for me...

They literally recruited a 5 year old...what does that actually mean?

Anonymous said...

Chelsea is ridonkulous! They just got a multi-million training facility that they will put this kid so he can learn how to run with a ball in their training swimming pool!