Monday, February 11, 2008

Boris Becker Has A Skyscraper?

Thats right, Boris Becker has a skyscraper, well he at least has one named after him. Down in Dubai there is a real estate development called the Sports Legends Trilogy which will have 3 towers all with athletes names lent to them. Michael Shumacher already has one building named after him, a 29 story tower called "Michael Shumacher Business Avenue", but Becker's new building named "Boris Becker Business Tower" is opening later this month as the final phase of the project.

Ok, so how bad ass is that? As much as we talk about Tiger and Lebron and MJ having it all, none of those cats have people who want to put their names on skyscrapers. I don't know if we'll ever see the day we have a Lebron Heights, Jordan Towers or Marbury Row. You know you have clout if you can be rollin' with the Trumps or the Carnegie's...granted they built those buildings themselves, but still, pretty darn neat.

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