Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Empire Building With Jim Fassel

Did you know that if you're an empire, you create your own reality when you act? That's a little nugget from the Bush administration courtesy of The One Percent Doctrine. Jim Fassel's taken that to heart and decided to do the reverse and create an empire by creating his own reality on talk radio.

Fassel spoke to Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN and explained why he's been unable to get a head coaching job.
"My biggest mistake was going to Baltimore," Fassel said. "That was the biggest mistake. I don’t think I needed to do that and when I went there and it was such a mess and got caught up in all that stuff..."
Now keep in mind the Ravens ended the season 13-3 and were 4-2 at the point he was fired by his BFF in 2006. Yes, the Ravens got much better when he left.
"I can’t tell you how many people have told me if you’d have just stayed out and done TV and radio and that stuff, it would have changed the whole perception of you," Fassel said.
That's it. The perception of Fassel had nothing to do with his relentless pursuit of a head coaching job during the season when he should have been focused on his job. It also had nothing to do with his lazy reputation among players and the front office.

Fassel's so good that Dan Snyder let him put together a coaching staff ... and then hired a guy who along with everyone else couldn't believe he got the job.
Fassel was supposed to be a slam dunk for the job once Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo returned to New York last week. After all, he helped put together the team's staff -- including the choice of Zorn as offensive coordinator -- and, according to Fassel, he had started to talk about a contract.

"I wasn't looking for just anything," Fassel, head coach of the Giants from 1997-2003, said Saturday night. "I was looking for the right fit, and I thought this was the right fit because I knew Dan (owner Dan Snyder). It's a long, twisted story."
If Fassel "knew Dan", he should have known what he needed to do to get the job. Why do you think Vinny Cerrato gets stronger while the rest fall off like Paperboy?

Looks like Paul Bremer finally has a soulmate. Crown his ass!

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