Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kevin Faulk Gets Blunted For Lil Wayne Concert

Patriots running back Kevin Faulk was issued a misdemeanor summons, not arrested, last friday for possession of 4 marijuana cigarettes in his pocket when he was searched going into the suites of the Lafayette Cajundome for a Lil Wayne concert. I hear ya Kev, if i was going to a Lil' Wayne show i'd sure want to be as blitzed out of my mind while sitting there, but son, you gotta protect your stash a little better than that! There are about a million ways to hide that herb man, how on earth are you gonna allow yourself to get caught?

Didn't you see everyone getting searched before you in line? Why didn't you get out of line and hide that shit in your shoe or something at the least?? They wont make you take your damn shoes off there, this isnt the TSA! Better yet, why the hell didn't you just smoke up before hand, then go backstage in the middle of the show and smoke up with his crew? You know he was carrying back there, he's Lil' Damn Wayne and you're a Patriots running back! People...learn from this lesson, don't be like Kevin Faulk, learn to smoke right if you must smoke at all.

From SeacoastOnline

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