Friday, February 29, 2008

Act Like You've Been There Before. Oh That's Right You Haven't

We've been terribly remiss in not discussing the Tottenham brawl the night after their Carling Cup win over Chelsea last Sunday.

Captain Ledley King was tossed out of a club called Faces after being too faced to stand. Instead of leaving quietly, he decided to start a fight outside the club and the Daily Mail has pictoral goodness.

Ledley's in white with his back to the camera.

King attempted to fight his way back into the club by taking on several bouncers until he was restrained.

Several other Spurs players were at the club including Jermaine Jenas (seen below) and Aaron Lennon with his idiotic, matching eyebrow/hair parts.

Nothing says winner like dressing like a 14 year old kid who should be selling candy on the F train for a fictional basketball team trip to the Central African Republic. The funny thing is that Jenas would probably play just as well in his drunken condition as he would sober. Most of the other Spurs players at the club managed to hold it together and float the buoy.

The paper also reports that WAG Danielle Lloyd and David Beckham's sister Joanne got into it as well. Unfortunately their confrontation only consisted of a "heated argument". Witnesses said that the two were arguing about whether the Copenhagen interpretation is still worthy and whether stuff is really better than things.

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