Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Might Be Stealing Oscar De La Hoya's Style

It's not too long ago that Manny Pacquiao was beating Oscar de la Hoya like he owned him. Most think he beat Goldie down for the money but there might have been something else behind it. There's more to Pacquiao than meets the eye and the two are more similar than one might think.

Pacquiao, who is immensely popular back in The Philippines, is a bit of a showman and a potential future president**. He named his daughter Queen Elizabeth and attempted to seek her approval in person when in England promoting his May 2 fight against Ricky Hatton.

In addition to giving his kid a stupid name, Pacquiao has a one-man 70s style variety show as well as a music career that would make de la Hoya jealous. You might remember Goldie's attempt at a music career. Here's a reminder in English and Spanish in case you didn't know or tried to forget. Manny is not impressed.

Let's hope that pictures of Pacquiao in fishnets turn up on the internets soon so he can complete his Single White Female eclipse of de la Hoya. Maybe he'll even take the wife and Golden Boy Productions like when James Woods stole Peter Griffin's life.

** Freddie Roach could also be president of the Philippines. He polls a close second in popularity behind Pacquiao.

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