Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Check It Out Y'all, We Got Ourselves A Line Brawl

Now that's how you supposed to fight! From now on, that's how you fight! That goes for everyone except Alex Burrows.

The line brawl between the Canucks and Blackhawks on Sunday night had a little bit of everything. Cheap shots, straight lefts, body slams and hair pulling. The Canucks' Alex Burrows decided he didn't want any of what the Hawks' Duncan Keith was giving so he decided to man up, grab Keith's hair and hold on for dear life. Witness his shame as well as some quality brawlin'.

Keith said, "My little sister never even pulled my hair when I was a kid. It's kind of comical when you have a grown man trying to pull your hair on the ice." No. This is comical on the ice. Freedom hater.

Forward Adam Burish was offended that someone would mess with Keith's haircut. Especially a nice haircut like Duncan has. "I think that's stupid the way he was pulling [Keith's] hair. Especially a nice haircut like Duncan has."

Good on Ben Eager for keeping hockey fighting respectable and teaching the kids that there's a right way to beat that ass. He worked Kevin Bieksa's ass like a rented mule. Burrows should be ashamed. Hair pulling just embarrasses us all.

Hair-raising time for Blackhawks' Keith [Chicago Tribune]

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al1381 said...

if you actually watched the game like I did, and if you're actually a fan of hockey (disclaimer: I'm a Canucks fan), you'll know that first the Blackhawks' Byfuglien hit the Canucks goalie, then was never to be seen again in the ensuing brawl (he hid behind the net, how's that for manning up), then Eager had several opportunities to fight O'Brien (the Canucks' best fighter) and didn't go. Then Burish started punching one of the Sedin, a skill player half his size who never fights, O'Brien and Bieksa goes after Burish, then Eager grabs Bieksa from behind and they fight, even though Eager had the advantage at first since he grabbed Bieksa from behind and his jersey comes loose. Eager did get a good shot in and won that fight clearly, however he did also go MMA with the illegal take-down by lifting his legs. Burish never manned up to O' Brien, who was held back by a smaller Blackhawk, Dave Bolland. All O'Brien had to do was punch Bolland and then fight Burish but he never stooped to Burish's level. Alex Burros pulling Keith's hair, well that wasn't pretty, so I'll negate Eagers attack from behind with that. The icing on the cake was at the end of the game when Willie Mitchell and another Blackhawk got into a shoving match, and Byfuglien decides to finally act tough, and is the 3rd man in as he pushes Mitchell to the ground. Classy. There's a reason why the Hawks lost 4-0.