Monday, March 23, 2009

College Football Doesn't Want You To Forget About It During March Madness

College football always feels a bit unloved during this time of the year. Everyone's paying attention to the hardwood and no one seems to remember the joy of football in the fall. Gridiron ambassadors JoPierre Davis and Adrian Clayborn want to remind you that the real action takes place outside.

Davis, a Hawaii cornerback, was slapped with a seven count indictment for sexually harassing a female Hawaii student after breaking in her room last September. Patron saint and best model in Iron City Najeh Davenport says there's only one reason to break into a lady's dorm room. That's to drop a deuce like a Predator drone. Davis followed the break-in by knocking the same girl out on a club dance floor in January "after she slapped him for touching her inappropriately on the dance floor". He also punched a club worker who tried to break it up.

Clayborn, an Iowa defensive end, was charged with a serious misdemeanor after punching a cabbie who honked at him in January. The incident might have looked a little something like this except the guy outside would have knocked out the guy in the car. Can't get enough of that video. Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz says he'll allow the law to take its course before he attempts to cover up the incident and pretend it never happened. As Bobby Bowden says, "Boys will be boys! Ain't that right, Warrick?"

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