Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is Ryan Moats Gonna Have To Sue A Bitch?

Houston Texan's backup running back Ryan Moats was pulled over by a police officer while speeding to his dying mother-in-law March 17th but because of the actions of that officer, Moats was unable to be by her side when she passed.

Moats was speeding towards the hospital with his wife in tow and at one point even threw his flashers on driving through a red light in an effort to make it to the hospital in time to say his final farewells and that is when he caught the attention of one Dallas police officer who finally pulled him over in the hospital parking lot. Moats' wife ran into the hospital, disregarding the officer, while Moats himself was pleading to the cop to let him go to his dying mother in law, all while being ignored. He never got to see her before she died.

You should watch the video of the event here on, its pretty amazing that the cop didn't bother to listen to anything that Moats was saying.

At this point, the Dallas police have dropped the ticket that was issued to Moats and apologized, but there is an investigation of the officer pending. Lets hope the guy gets into this situation with one of his own dying relatives. Then maybe he'll understand that a little sympathy goes a long way with dealing with the people he is sworn to protect and serve...emphasis on serve.

Assistant Police Chief Floyd Simpson said it the best
"When people are in distress, we should come to the rescue," said Simpson. "We shouldn't further their distress."
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Anonymous said...

"Lets hope the guy gets into this situation with one of his own dying relatives."


Anonymous said...

This cop is obviously a egotistical racist power hungry hardened piece of shit. Actions like his should be criminally prosecuted, even if he is a cop. Fuck the investigation. There's a video showing it all.
He gives a bad name to all cops.
Lock the redneck racist bastard piece of shit up in general pop for a day as his sentence and lets see if he changes his heart.
Fuckin pig. And I thought they had psych exams before being given a gun & badge.