Monday, March 2, 2009

Krypto-Nate Ain't Got Nuthin' On DC Comics

The Krypto-Nate takeover is over before it started. The NBA planned to release a t-shirt commenorating Lil' Nate Slam Dunk Contest winning dunk. However DC Comics has put the smackdown on the NBA's plans to sell Krypto-Nate gear due to intellectual property issues.

The association claims that it still has plans to innundate us with shirts, shoes, balls and other overpriced Krypto-Nate crap in conjunction with DC Comics as soon as the IP issues are worked out.
"The NBA decided not to release the Krypto-Nate T-shirt because of future initiatives we are working on with Warner/DC Comics," an NBA source told The Post.

The NBA instead released a generic Robinson T-shirt containing only Robinson's name and status as the 2006 and 2009 Slam-Dunk champion.
Yeah I'll be rushing out to buy this abortion of a T-shirt. It's somewhat appropriate that the first attempt failed. If the Slam Dunk contest is any barometer, it'll take about 12 times before the NBA finally gets it right and the results will be underwhelming. Regardless, Rudy Fernandez is not impressed.

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