Friday, March 13, 2009

Karl Malone Say He Will Slap Him Some Congresses

We'd say it's good to hear from Karl Malone but we'd much rather hear from Jimmy Kimmel as Karl Malone. Karl Malone say he gon' see his boy Hannity and talk him some politickin'. That went as well as you would imagine.

Malone showed up on Fox News to "talk" politics with Sean Hannity. Let's just say the conversation was about as high brow as you would expect. The Mailman threatened to slap congressmen and senators who accuse American troops of abuses while stationed overseas.
Malone's statement was a response to this quotation by Hannity: "But I think what happened with Bush Derangement Syndrome -- this is important -- is that they so went after the president. They accused our troops of being Nazis, compared them to the gulags, said they were terrorizing women and children in the dark, and accused them of murder without even any evidence." He continued, "These are congressmen and senators doing this."

Malone replied, "Well, first of all, the Congress and the senators need to be slapped around for saying it. These are our kids." He went on, "Look at me. Turn the cameras off, and I'll slap them. OK."
Tony Blankley responded with an "I'll hold your coat for you" as though he was a member of James Brown's backing band. "Can I get up and do my thing?" "Yeah!" Eleanor Clift jumped out and started yelling at Blankley. "Can I talk?? I want to finish what I'm saying!!"

Karl Malone should take over for Alan Colmes. Serious political discussion like this shouldn't be an occasional event. The Mailman can threaten to beat any and everyone that Hannity hates on any given day. Maybe he and Chris Brown can travel around on a Hannity Slap Tour going after "Congress and the senators" who dare go against the Hannity party line. Brown will handle the women. What? Too soon?

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