Monday, March 16, 2009

Hugo Chavez May Not Be The Best Character Witness

Venezuelan fans better pipe down. Booing Magglio Ordonez could lead to nationalization of their property. If they're not careful, they could be forced to have berets permanently attached to their heads.

Venezuelans are not big fans of Magglio Ordonez due to his budding friendship with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. The Detroit Tigers slugger has been booed during every appearance with the Venezuelan national team at the World Baseball Classic. It's cool though. The #1 Chavista has his back.
"Everyone has the right to think about politics," [Venezuelan President Hugo] Chavez said after reading an article about the incident from The Associated Press. "This is shameful.

"Viva Magglio, and all our patriots!" Chavez added.
It wasn't bad for Ordonez. He was cheered when he struck out and when he was replaced.

Ordonez has appeared in television ads in support of Chavez's attempt to remove presidential term limits. He also played a softball game with him. Chavez claimed it wasn't a political rally. It was more like Venezuela's version of Rock 'N' Jock.

Hopefully Maggs and Hugo's friendship will start a trend where governments and world leaders of questionable character strike up closer relationships with athletes. The world could use a little East German style right now. It would make international sporting competition fun again. How much better was it when the US had an enemy in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc? How sweet was it when Rocky beat Ivan Drago? If "Hearts of Fire" didn't make you piss red, white and blue, you can take your freedom hating ass to Venezuela.

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