Thursday, March 26, 2009

Even Mildly Attractive Flexible Midgets Have Stalkers

Shawn Johnson's got a stalker and he was arrested near the set of Dancing With the Stars, where Johnson is dancing out the last 3 minutes of her 15 minutes of fame. Robert "Pedobear" O'Ryan, the alleged stalker, jumped a fence at the studios and was arrested while trying to meet the object of his obsession. Police found in his car a shotgun and Colt .45 and a bunch of Johnson memorabilia, which, presumably, did not include any of her underwear.

Shawn Johnson is safe, but probably a bit freaked out, and her mom Terri says:
"This incident has caused us severe emotional distress, we have been on the move ever since and have not been able to rest at all for fear that this disturbed person will attempt to make good on his statements and attempt to harm my daughter and possibly us as well,"

I'd say she's been on the move, lots of moves on that Dancing With the Stars show. Although, since I never watch it so I have no clue how she's doing on it. She could move like a Wookie in a tar pit for all I know.

Bail for O'Ryan was set at $35,000 and a restraining order is in place for him to stay 100 yards away from Johnson and have zero contact with her. Yea...that'l do it. Just tell him not to stalk her. I'm sure no one has done that before. She'll be totally safe now. Just remember kids, nothing can stop the Pedobear.


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