Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Constitutional Vol. 17

Time again for the not so regular link dump. We're not very good at keeping schedules, so enjoy what those who can blog much more often than we can have to offer...Welcome to the Constitutional.
  • Injury Rate wants to win a basketball court as bad as Miss South Carolina did the Miss Teen USA. 100% Injury Rate

  • Controversy with the AFL and local news media gets better and better. With Malice...

  • Devin Hester hurts himself doing something he has no idea how to do. FAIL! Shakedown Sports

  • Serena Williams thinks people care about her...titles. YOU BEEN BLINDED

  • DoD finds the best team names in Independent League sports. Doberman on the Diamond

  • Liston writes one of the most creative blog posts about the Little League World Series Ever. (If I wasnt so lazy, I would've devoted a Constitutional just to this). Introducing Liston

  • Yankees Stadium Gestapo is a little over-zealous. Strike Zones and End Zones

  • Classic Redskins superfan Chief Zee interview. Nice find guys. Riggo's Rag

  • Hippies in Berkley? Noooo??? Strangely, they appear to be winning? Signal To Noise

  • Jason Campbell will be hurt all season...dammit. Mr. Irrelevant

  • Tucker Carlson sucks...anything and everything. Not that it matters. Can't Stop The Bleeding

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