Monday, July 16, 2007

Now That's A Fresh Start

Happy because he's going to Barca or he's rid of the ol' ball and chain?

It doesn't matter if you're an Arsenal fan or you think Arsene Wenger's a fuckin' pedophile (as the song goes). You can't question the skill and ability of Thierry Henry. When it came to finishing, Arsenal were useless without him. Deadly accurate in front of the goal and whiny away from it, he will be missed (by Arsenal fans).

It appears that Henry or Titi as he's known to the Arsenal faithful is a clinical finisher off the field as well. He decided his marriage was finished and walked out on his wife Claire and two-year old daughter on his way to Barcelona. News of the World reports that Claire found messages and pictures on his cell and that led to a fight which precipitated the breakup.

Friends said the declining relationship was also one of the reasons he left Arsenal. Of course this could be garbage as News of the World like all British tabloids is as reliable as Joe Isuzu or the Bush administration but my hatred for Arsenal makes me believe that the story is true.

In his defense, Titi did call her three days later to see if she was ok. He's like school on a Saturday.

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