Friday, July 20, 2007

The Constitutional Vol. 12

Mustafa's on assignment in LA tracking down Chelsea (the team) and Beckham (The David), hopefully he'll grab some good pictures. I'm battling through writers block so...Welcome to the Constitutional.
  • An Extremely In Depth and Informative Article on Rock Paper Scissors. Seriously, it goes so in depth into history and strategy its scary. Utne Reader

  • The evening news is now catching on to Myspace & Facebook and found some dirt on other Minnesota Gophers.

  • The Tome is using math & picking NFL winners, degenerate gamblers get your pen & paper ready...damn this guy is smart. The Daily Sports Tome

  • If steroids are so great, why can't it help BOHChris win at 2kSports Football & Sons of Sam Malone are Live Blogging the British Open, check it out tomorrow for more. Epic Carnival

  • Snoop is coming for you Les Miles! 100% Injury Rate

  • Why Car Racing Is Not A Sport. We Suck At Sports

  • Jayson Stark at ESPN is wrong...again. Between The Lines

  • Sooze is wondering whats derailed the D-train? Funny thing is, my fantasy team is wondering the same thing...DAMMIT! Babes Love Baseball

  • Its been awhile since we've graced our hometown Comcast SportsNet for us and the Borat video guys, maybe we should buy Mottram & Steinberg a beer. Mr. Irrelevant. (Damn that SML guy is one angry bloke, WTF crawled up his ass?)

  • I dont know if anyone saw this, but the guys at Blame The Ref just ate 100 hot dogs with no breaks in between. Intro, Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

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