Friday, July 27, 2007

Comcast Is The Anti-Christ

They finally did it. They took the NFL Network away from me. I was the proud owner of 1 Comcast Cable digital box with the digital plus service with HD...but no more. The reason why I got the digital plus was because it contained the Holy Grail of cable systems...the NFL Network. The problem is no longer there. I received no message telling me I was losing this channel, no notice at all, it was stolen away from me in the dead of night, like the Colts leaving Baltimore all over again. Those sons of bitches!

Now, if i wish to enjoy to enjoy my NFL Network, I must subscribe to Comcast's Sports and Entertainment Package. Comcast explains the change in this way:

Now Comcast customers who are NFL fans can watch the NFL Network on the Comcast Sports Entertainment Package while customers who do not wish to watch NFL games will not incur additional costs.
Excuse me? WHO THE FUCK DOES NOT WANT TO WATCH NFL GAMES? Its the most popular sport in the US!

Basically, they're attempting to strong arm the NFL who was insisting that Comcast stick this channel on their basic or non-premium plans while still forcing Comcast to pay more money for the channel. Comcast saw their bluff, and just stuck it where they wanted. Who loses? ME.

This Chimpanzee is raging. Since both of these fuckwads are screwing me over, I'm through. Comcast will lose money from me because i'm going to ratchet down my service to the most basic of cable, since the only reason I had this plan with hundreds of channels was because the NFL Network was on it. Comcast & the NFL will lose because I am not paying extra for their channel when I already was paying extra for their channel by getting the Digital Plus plan. I'm not going to pay extra, extra for a bunch of random sports channels I don't want.

Fuck you Comcast for making me lose one of the few channels I actually did watch...and fuck you Time Warner for Mustafa not even being given this choice by you guys not even putting the network on your cable system.

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Anonymous said...

i don't have all you have but i did too have "THE NFL NETWORK" with my dig.cable,but no more,what can we do???

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was just getting ready to watch the HOF game and I just found out the same shit. Comcast needs a reality check because there ARE other fucking TV providers out there and I hope Direct TV AND Dish Network BOTH put these fucking GREEDY bastards OUT OF BUSINESS!!! I will celebrate in the street the day that happens!!! FUCK COMCAST!!!
I'm moving into my new house in December and Cantcast AIN'T gonna be in MY home ANYMORE. I'M DONE with these douchebags!!