Sunday, July 15, 2007

Has Freddy Adu Saved Himself?

Unquestionably, Freddy Adu had a great Under-20 World Cup. He was one of the reasons the US advanced to the quarterfinals along with several other US players like Altidore, Zizzo and Seitz. Does this mean he's on his way out of purgatory and back on the path to potential European success? It may if Celtic have anything to say about it.

Adu's agent claims that Celtic representatives are coming to the US to discuss a possible move to Parkhead. European club interest has increased after his performance in the World Cup.

Adu claims that he's finally playing his proper position and that's why he blew up in Canada. I won't speculate on that or whether success at the under-20 level will result in success overseas but I will say that if he has an opportunity to move abroad, he needs to do it now before he turns into a "should have been". The proper training and competition will allow him and everyone else to see whether he is a wunderkind. We don't think so but then again he doesn't have to be a star. No one would call Brian McBride or Brad Friedel superstars but their European experience has made them better players, invaluable members of their respective club teams and better contributors to the USMNT.

There has to be a better name for the senior team. Actually US Soccer should replace the senior team with the under-20 team. There was more heart and creativity than I've ever seen at the senior level besides 2002. You watch that, Landycakes?

P.S. There is a rumor that Nigeria international Jay Jay Okocha could be moving to Real Salt Lake. I haven't seen any confirmation of this but it would be a great pickup for them. If he's willing to move to Qatar, he'll move to SLC. Talk about two extremes. No thanks to both places.

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