Friday, July 6, 2007

The Constitutional Vol. 9 feel like a nut. don't. Welcome to the Constitutional.
  • Interesting thoughts on why jerseys are so expensive and how the leagues are ripping off Joe Sports Fan. The Daily Sports Tome

  • 104 Wrestlers Have Died In The Last Decade...amazing and tragic. The Sun UK

  • Where did Questec go? Oh...its still here. Doberman on the Diamond

  • The guys from 100% Injury Rate check in on our favorite XTREME sport, National Xtreme Baseball...hilarity ensues. 100% Injury Rate

  • More Credible is doing a fantasy football league...and I am going to win. More Credible

  • Speaking of Fantasy Sports, Lozoball is happening...and its glorious. Why Dont We Get Drunk And Blog

  • commentator thinks a column is in his future. Sports Hernia

  • This Cycler forgets he doesn't know how to ride with no hands...right in front of the finish line. The Parlayer

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More Credible said...

We'll see about you winning my league. If you do, you'll get a nice... and uhh... semi-legal reward :)

Prepare for the pain Deuce.