Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vernon Davis Predicts Pain For The Chicago Bears

Hey woman! Who didn't love Mr. T in Rocky III? He was the bad guy but a small part of everyone except Italian tuxedo fans would have been fine if he beat Rocky in the second fight. His one liners and smooth seduction of Adrian ensured his place in movie history.

49ers tight end Vernon Davis must love him some Clubber Lang because he channeled him while talking about the 49ers' upcoming game vs. the Bears.
"I think we can destroy their guys up front,'' Davis said. "I don't see anything spectacular about their front line. Their LB's, I think we can handle them pretty well. I like [defensive end] Adewale Ogunluye, I think he's performing well for them, but he's the only guy I like in their line.''
There's no ambiguity about Davis' prediction for the fight. At least he plays for a team which will probably follow though unlike Nate Burleson. It's one thing to hear trash from players like Joey Porter who never shut up. It's another when opposing teams cut straight to the heart and speak the truth because they know there will be no consequences. That's what happens when a team hires a coach named Lovie. They should stay away from Tiny Lister Jr. too. Deebo may be big but that don't mean he can coach.

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