Thursday, November 19, 2009

Black College Football: The Video Game Experience!

How many people knew this game existed? I certainly didn't. I'm not at all opposed to a video game concentrating on historically black colleges football programs, the more exposure the better, no what I am opposed to is how shotty this game is...and by all accounts it is horrrrrible. The worst thing about the game is not that Doug Williams has put his personal stamp of approval on this piece of crap. Its not that the gameplay and AI is some of the worst since Joe Montana II Sportstalk Football for the Sega (yes, if you remember that, you are officially old). Its not the frame rate drops or slowdown that is constant throughout the game. Its not even that the graphics would've only been solid on the Xbox...the original Xbox...not the 360. No, it is this:

Any football video game that has a guitar hero style, rhythm game based, halftime show that you have to participate, is a freaking joke. Granted the halftime show at historically black colleges is one of the main reasons one goes to HBC football games, but certainly you could've just shown a cut-shot of an animated halftime show or full motion video of an actual show. You dont see anyone trying to dance with cheerleaders in Madden? No one is tapping X X A Y A B to dot the "I" for Ohio State in NCAA Football 10? Why cheapen this already bad game by doing this? It is a football game, marching band is not football.

Amazingly though, i'm surprised that the Guitar Hero people havent stolen this idea for Marching Band Hero or something? I mean, after DJ Hero anything is possible i think.

Photos and a full review of the game here at IGN

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