Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Douche Of The Week

The Deuce is great when it comes to starting weekly posts that we have no intention of keeping up. This one is no different. Douche of the Week should be self-explanatory. Email us if you need clarification. You may find yourself in the mix for the following week. First up is a fan at the Chelsea-Manchester United match this past Sunday. We'll get to John Terry's dad in a few but witness this off-brand Mark Morrison who managed to make his way onto televisions around the world.

Brushing during a game? Really? Did he want to look his best for Drogba as he came off the pitch? That's bad enough. Note that he's also wearing his sunglasses at night. One would have been enough to put him into contention but the combination of the toothbrush and sunglasses made him this week's winner. It wouldn't surprise us if he was sucking on a pacifier when he didn't have the toothbrush in his mouth. Assclown.

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